Nancy Pappas (nkpcreate) is an illustrator & designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Her extensive portfolio includes collaborations with notable clients like Stick With Me Sweets, Material Kitchen, Dorie Greenspan, Heart of Dinner and a role as the former art director at Cherry Bombe- where she also shared her insights at the 2019 Jubilee Conference. Nancy has made impactful contributions to various publications and earned features in Eater, Chowhound, and Peddler Journal.

Beyond the editorial landscape, her diverse clientele spans music, food, and fashion, such as Whole Foods, Cravings™ by Chrissy Teigen, Saveur, Talisker Whisky, Ilegal Mezcal and Warner Music Group for Cardi B.

Nancy is represented by Leigh Eisenman at Wolf Literary.

me on the internets Dribbble, Pearl River Mart Solo Exhibition, Tattly, Creative Mornings, Eater, Chowhound, Peddler Journal, Edible Queens

Video by: Mitch Blummer

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