• American Express Centurion Lounge

    The bespoke Stick With Me Sweets box featured a chic and minimalist design, highlighting the iconic 1 Vanderbilt, while 12 large-scale illustrations of both whole and halved bonbons adorned the tasting tables.

  • Pepero Day

    Limited Edition Stick With Me Sweets Korea Pepero Day Packaging – a cherished South Korean tradition celebrated annually on 11/11. Pepero Day involves the gifting of Pepero snacks, a line of chocolate-dipped cookie sticks, to show affection for friends and loved ones.

  • Stick With Me Sweets Korea

    Crafted innovative packaging designs for beverages, various confections, and gift sets at Stick With Me Sweets' premier Seoul location, marking their expansion beyond Nolita, NYC. In addition, various digital and print design, as well as providing consultations for interior design.

  • Ilegal Mezcal

    Ilegal Mezcal is handcrafted in small batches. Their Joven, Reposado, and Añejo mezcals are all made with sustainable Espadín agave. Menu Design and Illustration.

  • Banchan Box Party

    Celebrating Lunar New Year 2022 (Seollal) with Banchan Box Party brand identity. Bringing together some of NYC’s Korean American food creatives by cooking their favorite banchan and treats. All proceeds suported the Korean American Community Foundation. Photo by: Dan Ahn

  • Valentines Day 2023

    Stick with Me Sweets limited edition chocolate box book sleeve decorated with stamps from around the world. Inside you'll find a telegram menu and a collection of Valentine's Day indulgences like Champagne, Berry Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Banoffee and more!

  • League of Kitchens

    League of Kitchens is a culinary team of women from around the world who welcome you into their homes, teach their family recipes, and inspire you with their personal stories. Logo, Web, Podcast Design.

  • Heart of Dinner

    Non-profit, Heart of Dinner combats food insecurity and isolation within NYC's elderly Asian American community. Digital design and illustration.

  • Material Kitchen

    Material Kitchen, high quality, thoughtfully designed kitchenware. Various digital design and illustration.

  • Tripify

    Travel booking company. Concept digital and responsive design.

  • Korean American Community Foundation

    The Giving Summit 2022 brings together Korean and Asian Americans from across the country to explore and celebrate giving in its many forms.

  • Korean American Community Foundation

    Jeong(정) is an intangible, yet distinctly Korean concept that describes the bonds we build across our diverse and shared experiences. KACF Annual Gala recognizes the impact of extraordinary individuals and organizations in our community.

  • Studio Null

    Studio Null offers superior non-alcoholic wines, made in partnership with award-winning makers. Digital design, social, illustration, and photography.

  • Ana Ono

    AnaOno creates innovative, soft post-surgery bras made just for those affected by breast cancer, breast surgeries or discomfort. Digital and social design.

  • Bakers Against Racism

    Bakers Against Racism is activating all August 2022 long to fight for our collective reproductive rights. Bakers Against Racism is unofficially the worlds largest bake sale raising OVER $2.5 Million for social justice causes worldwide.

  • Pirch

    Luxury appliance retailer Pirch’s SoHo flagship store. Pirch offers high-end fixtures & accessories for kitchens, bathrooms & patios. Advertisement, art direction, and design.

  • The Kitchn

    The Kitchn —Celebrating adoptees in food: Kristen Kish, Alyse Whitney, Eric Ehler, Katianna Hong, Leah Lewis. Illustration and design.

  • Welch's Soda

    Sparkling Grape Soda and Sparkling Orange Soda. Packaging design and illustration.

  • Cherry Bombe

    Various event, social, editorial design and illustration for Cherry Bombe, a multimedia food media publication. Here, Padma Lakshmi's Hulu original Taste The Nation x Radio Cherry Bombe.