Heraclea x Chefs for Impact

Limited Edition Olive Oil Tin, in collaboration with Heraclea Food Co., a producer of premium extra virgin olive oil in Milas, Turkey, and Chef's For Impact, a NYC based nonprofit dedicated to food sustainability through community programs and education.

Heart of Dinner

Founders, Moonlynn Tsai & Yin Chang, wanted to create something that symbolized the care that goes into every moving piece of Heart of Dinner. You’ll find handwritten notes, hot lunch boxes, decorated brown bags, & ingredients that bring our elderly a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Conscious Cooking

Collaboration with Christine Wong Together we've created face masks, tea towels, and bucket hats with sale donations made to various non-profit organizations.

Foxey Silks

Special edition dumpling scrunchies (red and green available) is a collaborative effort with foxey silks in support of "Dump The Hate," a virtual dumpling-making fundraiser fighting against anti-Asian prejudice and violence.