Restaurant Prints Coming Soon

Elevate your restaurant's ambiance with nkpcreate prints.

From Choking Victim Posters to First Aid guides, CPR posters, and other essential signs. Find the perfect addition to your restaurant or cafe decor. Stay tuned for our upcoming line of restaurant posters!

The Little One NYC

My prints are exclusively sold in New York City at The Little One, a Japanese dessert boutique. Located between Lower East Side and Chinatown, pick up a print and enjoy their delicious Kakigōri, Monaka Ice Cream Sandwich, and more. My favorite is their Hōjicha Tiramisu!

📍150 E Broadway NY

Parchment Paper LA

If you are on the west coast, my Napa Cabbage, Persimmons, and Chili Pepper prints are available at the newly opened culinary-themed gift shop and stationery store Parchment Paper.

Check out Eater's article: Eagle Rock’s Beloved Cheesemonger Branches Out With a Food-Obsessed Gift Shop.

📍 5054 1/2 Eagle Rock Blvd. LA